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@WarrenPeaceNYC - "Empire City Original" Fall/Winter 13

"Empire City Original"
Fall/Winter 13

WARREN PEACE is a premium lifestyle brand, based in NYC. Drawing from gotham, nostalgic and underworld
influences, WARREN PEACE represents the glory and consequences of commanding fate.

For the Fall/Winter 2013, Warren Peace invoked the idea of the outlaw with “Empire City Original”.

The Empire City Original moniker plays upon the idea of being minted and molded from one of the greatest cities on
Earth. Wearing “Empire City Original” bonds all these like minded individuals forged in a city which makes its own rules
and encourages that mindset if you want to survive in it.

The collection pulls theme influences from ideas of power, leather, dark colors and a wolfpack mentality across
premium tees, sweatshirts and a snapback for the fall.

Highlights include:
The “Empire City Original” pieces which use the brands “Original” warring lions crest emblazoned across the back 
of premium cotton v-necks and fleece sweatshirts. Influenced by outlaw club attire, the “cuts” are worn to show allegiance.

The black ostrich leather brimmed “Crownkicker” snapback. The “Power” tee showcasing the infinity gauntlet doing
what it does best. “Initiation” using a rugged large Empire City Original lockup on a pigeon warbird. “Ca$hville” is a
new take on the “Straight outta Cashville” album cover, placing Mickey as Young Buck.

$35 Cashville
$35 Power
$32 Empire City Original V-Neck
$62 Empire City Original Sweatshirts
$45 Crownkicker Snapback
$32.50 Initiation

Follow Warren Peace:
Tumblr: @WarrenPeaceNYC
Instagram: @WarrenPeaceNYC
Twitter: @WarrenPeaceNYC

About Warren Peace:
Warren Peace derives from the New York state of mind. The get it yourself, by any means necessary – rebellious attitude.
New York represents the playground of opportunity and goes hand in hand with its long history of strong personalities
it’s cultivated. Honing that quality in a brand, Warren Peace was created. The brand is the attitude and the power of
drive, compiled from immigrants, captains of industry, organized syndicates, and dreamers who each had their vision –
whether good or bad – and pounced on it. That is where the name originates – the glory and consequence of commanding


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