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Let's get Kimmel to #Toronto! #KimmelatTGE @GentlemensExpo

Calling all proud Gentlemen & Gentlewomen, it is time for us to unite! We have all witnessed the recent events of our “Mayor” speaking on our behalf and purporting to represent this great city. It is time we band together to give the world a real look at what this great city offers and what the true gentlemen and gentlewomen of Toronto are like.

Count this as our formal invitation to Jimmy Kimmel to visit Toronto and take part in The Gentlemen’s Expo. I know this might be a long shot, but with your help spreading the word, we can welcome him with open arms and show him what this proud city has to offer. Scheduled for November 14-16(2 weeks after the mayoral election) we hope to welcome both Mr. Kimmel and our mayor (whomever he or she might be) to sit down and discuss what a truly sophisticated, cultured, friendly and proud city Toronto is.

Help spread the word using #KimmelatTGE


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The Weeknd's Final 2017 Merch Release 003 PART TWO
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