Visuals for the first song off of Skipp's up coming album w the same name (WHITMAN CANT JUMP!) produced and mixed by Skipp Whitman (due out in April). while the album is biographical, this particular song is telling the (true) story of his in-adequacies as an athlete. the video tells the story of what happens when a cocky rapper on a basketball court in Queens meets his match in an unexpected place (and comedy ensues).

artist. Skipp Whitman
song. Whitman Cant Jump
director. Shawn Ashley Collins
DP. Luke Wright.
@skippwhitman - 'WHITMAN CAN'T JUMP' (OFFICIAL VIDEO) @skippwhitman - 'WHITMAN CAN'T JUMP' (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Reviewed by Tony G on March 31, 2014 Rating: 5

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