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@DJkhaled - on Jay Z, Drake & Peace in the Middle East (@kingsthings) Larry King Now

Grammy Winner and Music Mogul DJ Khaled on Jay Z, Drake and Peace in the Middle East

Anthem King DJ Khaled joins the King of All Talk, Larry King, for an illuminating conversation on the Emmy nominated web series “Larry King Now” about hip hop’s mounting influence, Jay Z’s genius, and the mistake young rappers make. Plus, the Palestinian producer on the chance for peace in the Middle East.

During the interview DJ Khaled, who has worked with everyone from Kanye West to Jay Z to Drake, reveals which of his collaborators is the peacemaker, who's the biggest perfectionist, and which rapper is the most difficult to work with. (clip below)

The 38 year old DJ Khaled, born as Khaled Khaled, discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with King-  I’m all about unity. I’m all about love, and I want my people to be good. I’m sitting here with you right now, me and you have no problem. I respect you, you respect me, and that’s how life should be.”

The Grammy winner also opens up about his fear for flying, why he uses the n-word in his music, what rap means to him and who he’s begging to collaborate with, when he answers social media questions from his biggest fans. 

DJ Khaled - who recently landed his first collaboration with Jay-Z - on what makes Hova singular.

DJ Khaled - who has worked with everyone from Kanye West to Jay Z to Drake - reveals which of his collaborators is the peacemaker, who's the biggest perfectionist, and which rapper is the most difficult to work with.

DJ Khaled and Larry try to untangle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Music mogul DJ Khaled reveals his fear of flying, and how he maintains his jet-set lifestyle sans jet.

DJ Khaled answers social media questions, including why he uses the n-word in his music and what rap means to him.

“I don’t call it rap, I call it doing the Khaled. I might be on the hook, might be on the intro. I’m like the Berry Gordy, the Quincy Jones of hip hop.”

He’s focused. He always doing stuff, and whatever he says, he does. Sometimes he’ll say in his raps he’s going to do a corporate takeover, and he’ll do a corporate takeover. He talks things into existence.” -- On Jay Z

KING: “What’s the key to having a successful label in competitive business like this?”
KHALED: “Caring. Caring for the hip hop culture. Caring for your artists. Caring about the sound. Caring about the way things are marketed. Just caring. I think DJs wear many hats. Some of them don’t even realize how many hats they wear. I never wanted to sing or rap, no. I always wanted to be a music executive.”

“I stopped flying. I’m scared. LK: You’re kidding. DK: I promise you. I’m on a tour bus. I just drove from Miami all the way to LA just to be here on Larry King.”

KING: “Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?”
KHALED: “A billionaire. Forbes cover. Forbes cover being a billionaire.”

This Week’s Schedule:

Monday - DJ Khaled
Tuesday - Henrik Lundqvist
Wednesday- Russell Peters
Thursday- Randy Couture
Friday (King’s Things)- Kweku Mandela & Lekha Singh

About “Larry King Now”:

The series by the legendary talk show host launched in 2012 and marked King’s first move to the Internet. His groundbreaking show, produced by Ora.TV, gained tremendous attention, delivering compelling interviews with such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, Bill Maher, Seth MacFarlane, the Dalai Lama, Matthew McConaughey, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Melissa McCarthy, and Steve Carell, among many others.
Now in its third season, Larry King Now has more than 4 million monthly views. Larry King Now is one of the top viewed original programming on and continues to be each month. The masthead on receives 15 million impressions with itself receiving over 30 million views a month.Larry King Now has over 11 million views to-date on YouTube.
Larry King Now was just nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award in the Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis category.
Episodes of Larry King Now are seen both in the U.S. and internationally around the world as well on several airlines: Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways.
Larry King Now has a mass appeal, reaching the broad 18 – 49 demographic, with its core viewer being 25 – 34. Larry King has over 2.5 million twitter followers.


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