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Through awareness and education, Accept me aims to break the barriers of social marginalization. Being

a philanthropic fashion brand, every time you purchase a product from Accept Me you are helping us

provide funds to select charities working with at risk youth. You help us share a simple yet powerful

message; a message of acceptance. Accept me embraces the ideology that through compassion-based

action, change will occur.

Kim Radons is founder and CEO of Accept Me. Kim has a passion for helping others. By being an

advocate for the less fortunate, Kim has been actively involved with The Boys Club Network and Bullying

Ends Here. Most recently in 2016, Kim had the honour of clothing Syrian Refugees entering Vancouver

with acceptance fashion.

“ACCEPTANCE is not just something that happens, it is a lifelong choice that requires one to be

consistent and constant in their practice of compassion and empathy.”

Accept Me features a variety of t-shits for men, women and children, as well as accessories for all age

group and genders. Some styles include:



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