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Going Green in 2017

Going Green in 2017
 Simple green resolutions for the New Year

A fresh start, a new chapter in life and a new list of resolutions are to come for 2017.

Health, fitness, career and love always seem to top lists of New Year’s resolutions. But Canadians are also conscious of the world in which we live, and are giving more consideration to New Year’s resolutions that will reduce their environmental footprint.

“Increasingly, we are seeing Canadians make decisions that are helping them lead a healthier life,” says Laurie Simmonds, President and CEO of Green Living Enterprises. “Living more sustainably does not mean completely changing your lifestyle. Even the smallest action taken by each Canadian can generate significant results and create positive impacts on the environment.”

Green Living Enterprises has come up with six New Year’s resolutions so easy you will have no excuse not to keep them.

  • Reduce your transportation footprint. Give more environmental transportation such as biking, public transit or carpooling a try.  You can also try auto-sharing programs like Zipcar or invest in an electric vehicle.

  • Choose good quality materials and timeless styles that won’t go out of fashion. Check out thrift shops, host a swap party and support local designers. Rouge Renard offers unique pieces made from recycled materials and Rok Cork makes bags using cork—a sustainable and renewable material.

  • Personal care products should be so pure you could eat them, as they’re eventually absorbed right into the bloodstream. Look to Canadian companies like Saint Cosmetics that offer plant-based, high performance make-up that is also non-toxic, gluten- and cruelty-free.

  • Minimize your meat intake this year. Eat more vegetables or try alternative sources of proteins like soups from local merchant Soup Girl. You can also subscribe to a weekly box of sustainably grown produce from Fresh City Farms or start your own veggie garden. Not only are these options more environmentally friendly, but they’ll do wonders for your health.

  • If a home renovation is what you are looking forward to in 2017, stay mindful of the environment with the help of Sage Living Toronto and Greening Homes. These companies specialize in the planning and implementation of sustainable home improvements while Bullfrog Power can help you offset your overall household emissions through renewable energy.

  • Give green parenting a try. Pack school and work lunches in reusable glass or stainless steel containers from Simply Green Baby. The Green Beaver Company also provides pure and natural ingredients as safe alternatives to common household soaps and personal care products. 

“The end of 2016 is the perfect time to start making green decisions that will not only impact your life, but the lives of those around you,” adds Laurie. “From getting active, to eating healthy, to choosing eco-friendly brands–the best way to go green is completely up to you.”

For more information on the Green Living Show and leading a healthier, greener lifestyle, please visit ‘Like’ them on Facebook, or follow @GreenLivingPage

About Green Living Enterprises 
Green Living Enterprises is Canada’s leading cause-marketing agency focused on social and environmental program development. Our team is led by award-winning industry experts in the fields of brand and program development; custom content; advertising, marketing and communications; and event management. Green Living Enterprises also includes and The Green Living Show, Canada’s largest consumer show, dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Green Living Show
The Green Living Show is Canada’s largest consumer show dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This three-day event offers inspiration for all ages and features influential speakers; innovative products; eco home and garden design; local and organic food and wine tastings; health, wellness and yoga pavilions; eco fashion and green beauty makeovers; electric car test drives; nature exhibits and fun activities for the entire family.


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