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Heron Preston, the innovative creator whose fashion collaboration with the Department of Sanitation made headlines during New York Fashion Week in September, will celebrate the global launch of his first full collection for his eponymous line with a series of events in key cities including Tokyo, Milan, Seoul, New York, Paris, London, and Moscow – the Russian capital served as the launching point for Preston's retail tour with a pop-up store at iconic concept store KM20 that opened on May 19, 2017.
Preston will travel across the globe to Russia to set up a pop-up space in collaboration with KM20 concept store to mark the initial drop of the highly anticipated debut collection from the New York-based designer's AW17 season. The collection, titled For You, The World offers a cohesive narrative, tying in ideas, graphics and inspiration that Preston has explored in capsule collections and exclusive releases over the years.
The Heron Preston KM20 pop-up will ran for three days from Friday, May 19, 2017; on day one of the pop-up Olga Karput, KM20’s founder hosted an event with Preston to earmark the opening of the pop-up. Preston's pop-up at KM20 will showcase a number of Heron Preston x DSNY items presented during NYFW in September 2017 alongside the main AW17 collection and a limited edition graphic tee created for the retail tour partners exclusively for sale at these limited pop-up installations.
Preston, who functions as an artist and creative director in addition to his work as a designer, has designed a unique pop-up installation incorporating video and art installations, metal mechanical arms and heavy-duty machinery. The launch event on May 19th in Moscow at KM20 featured music by Virgil Abloh and DJ CYBER69 and took place in the parking garage directly underneath the Maison in the city center, the future location of KM20, 2 Stoleshnikov street. KM20 plans to move into the space permanently this coming fall. The new location will allow for a large-scale expansion for KM20 with a square footage multiplying a little more than five times than that of its current location.

Preston selected Moscow as the starting point for this retail tour as Russia has been a source of inspiration for the designer his love of the Cyrillic alphabet is what led Preston to incorporate the iconic Стиль embroidery element seen throughout his designs.
“In 2014 Nick Knight was curating a 'hip-hop in the 80’s' photo exhibition in his SHOWstudio gallery and invited me to create a t-shirt for that project. For the direction, I decided to focus on hip hop culture's obsession with style and branding. I designed a metal tee and wrote “STYLE” in Russian because I loved the style of letters in the Cyrillic alphabet. What started out as a single idea crossed over into more of my work over the years and eventually became my sub- logo. For the launch of my first collection, I felt an American designer debuting in Russia would be different from what everyone else in the industry is doing while staying authentic to the story of my brand. I'm excited to connect with the place that inspired my logo and share my culture with Russian youth.” – Heron Preston on his iconic Стиль turtleneck
The Heron Preston pop-up space at the KM20 underground parking garage will be open from May 19th to May 21st at 2 Stoleshnikov street.


HERON PRESTON - Heron Preston is the true embodiment of an artist born of the post-internet generation. Multi- faceted and genre-bending, he has become a cultural icon in youth culture, known for his bold aesthetics. Applying the knowledge he gained from earning his B.B.A from Parsons School of design and his San Francisco upbringing, Preston now functions as an artist, creative director, content creator, designer and DJ; the one common thread among his impressive bodies of work is a commitment to innovation, experimentation, and unpredictability. He's never one to worry about breaking rules, as evident by his e-commerce platform HPC Trading Co., where he features and sells his original clothes and accessories. He finds particular joy in the unexpected; taking conventional themes and reinterpreting them. Take for example his most recent "UNIFORM" work, where he collaborated with the NYC Department of Sanitation on a series of zero waste themed clothes and accessories. His signature style has earned him collaborations with the likes of Virgil Abloh. He's also served as the global digital producer for Nike and of course, creative consultant to Kanye West, most notably on his work for the Life of Pablo and Yeezy fashion label.
KM20 - Captained by Olga Karput, KM20 (aka Kuznetsky Most 20) has locked down its reputation as a go-to concept store for the world’s most coveted fashion items from present and future. KM20 has proved itself as more than just a store but as a platform for self-expression and education. As a symbol of innovation and creativity, the store always looks forward to presenting all the fresh brand names along with the established designers. Olga Karput, a member of BoF 500, has changed the face both of local and global fashion industries and taken the store, located right in the historical heart of Moscow but well known around the world, to another level since its opening in 2009. This year marks KM20’s 8th anniversary and celebrates its next step with moving to a much bigger space


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