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Dusty Wallace Practices and Preaches the "Flexin" Philosophy in New Video // .@TrappHerAJohn #Noisey

Dusty Wallace Practices and Preaches the "Flexin" Philosophy in New Video

A smart Greek guy named Socrates once said, "Let him that would move the world first move himself." Basically, he means you have to finesse your way to the top of the game and flex on these hoes. Toronto's Dusty Wallace has released "Flexin," which features Pimpton. The song is a masterful treatise on the Flex Philosophy Movement, dating back to the Great Waka Flocka Flame Period circa 2009. "Flexin" was produced and directed by Dynamo and comes from Dusty Wallace's Reality Cheque album. "I'm flexin," Dusty declares on the chorus as a declaration, an existential shout into the void. Flexing is the meaning and the purpose of life. Flexing is the whole aim and end of human existence.
"We needed some wildin out shit, like a high energy, listen to it once and you get it kind of track," Dusty Wallace told Noisey, "So we got Pimpton and Dynamo to bless it for us. All three of us have been on that punk rock/skater tip since were kids, and now that it's cool to listen to as a hip-hop head, we're tryin' to make that known both visually and topically in the video.
Who doesn't love rap music and weed?"


Watch Dusty Wallace's "Flexin" below:


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