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Toronto / U.K. Artist .@gov669 Releases A Soothing Alt R&B Project Titled "NOMAD"

Toronto / UK Artist Gov Releases A Sonically Stunning 3 Song EP With “NOMAD”

Gov is an exceptional new voice originally from London, UK but now based in Toronto, Canada. Creating a buzz in 2016 with his debut EP release “Nights”, the project featured artists such as Amir Obe, Keffaleng and Ye Ali. Premiering the EP via Complex Music, Gov established a genuine sound that fused elements of grime, trap, R&B and hip-hop.

In May 2017, Gov released his second official EP “The Roses”. To accompany the project Gov put together an incredible short film that was scored with music from the EP. The EP and the film “The Roses” were featured in Complex Music and among other taste making media outlets. The EP and the short film were heavily inspired by the city of Toronto.

Gov has now put together a 3-song offering titled “NOMAD” to release while he works on his debut album. The project continues on the sounds established on “The Roses” as Gov smoothly hits melodies over ear catching production. The project flows together seamlessly with Gov finding new ranges in his vocals and bringing a truly unique genre blending R&B sound.

Speaking on the creative process of the new project, Gov says “Sonically, I wanted to continue to develop the sound I've established and continue to push creatively and experiment with new soundscapes and styles of music. I am a very experimental person with how I approach songs and I don't necessarily follow a set plan when I create. That freedom gave me the opportunity to take risks and be a little more unconventional with the songs on this EP. Essentially “NOMAD” does serve as a prelude to the album, and is a stepping stone between “The Roses” and the album. The whole thing was produced by Louis Vito (who also scored The Roses short film) and I had some input in the production side of things also.”

“NOMAD” is now available on all digital stream services and online music retailers.


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