2568 Shoes are Unique Gifts for the Entire Family

Samosa Boot by 2568 Shoes. The comfortable classics with a twist are designed in Brown, Ivory, Black and Camel with Pendleton blanket materials which are made in Oregon.These shoes make a great gift for the entire family—they work for both men and women as well as for kids! The Samosa Boot is also a perfect transitional boot - taking you from Summer to Fall. 

2568 is a unique shoe brand for men and women that takes classic styles and gives them a fresh look. The collection includes ballet flats, boat shoes, moccasins, and boots. Many styles incorporate vibrant and truly special Guatemalan and Pendleton fabrics. The Guatemalan fabrics are hand loomed with hand dyed fibers, revitalizing the classics and making them more modern and comfortably chic. With every 2568 purchase, customers receive a one-of-a-kind, hand woven friendship bracelet.
2568 was founded by longtime partners and shoe designers, Lorenzo Castellon and Jamie Lawenda. Inspired by their extensive research into the perfect place to source footwear, the couple created this inexpensive, chic line that is ethically hand-­loomed by women in Guatemala. The goal for Jamie and Lorenzo was to develop a friendly trade relationship with the United States, and the pair settled on producing in Guatemala after a friend from Spain introduced them to the area. Machines were soon brought over from Spain to create their own factory and contracts were drafted to work with artisanal weavers and additional local craftspeople in the area. 2568 was established as a family affair when the couples’ son, Nick, a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, designed 2568’s unique logo, which is modeled after a shoe last, a mold used to help manufacture the fit of a shoe. The brand has added two very talented designers and has established several new items you will see in every season. Coming soon is www.2568Shoes.com

To purchase the 2568 merchandise, please visit any of the following retailers and e-commerce sites: 

East Coast                                                               West Coast
Olive and Bette’s (NY,NY)                                           David’s Shoes (Beverly Hills, CA)
Shoe Inn (various NY/NJ locations)                              Mint Footwear (Los Angeles, CA)
Shoe Box (NY locations)                                            Angles & Outlaws (Del Rio, TX)
Giddy Up Jane (St Louis, MO)                                      Halo Shoes (Portland, OR)
Littles of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)                            Item (Larkspur, CA)
Vagabond (Philadelphia, PA)                                        Sovereign (Sisterbay, WI)
Custard Boutique (Savannah, GA)                                     
Berk’s (Providence, RI)
Alene Too (Boca Raton, FL)
Akira (Chicago, IL)

International                                             E-commerce Retailers
American Rag cie Japan                              Piperlime.com
Beams (Japan)                                          Anthropologie.com
LG Fashion (Seoul, Korea)                          Freepeople.com
Belleandsue.co.il (Israel)                             Littleburgundyshoes.com
Suasion (Victoria, BC)                                Thombrown.com

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