@SteamWhistle - Pilsner: summer’s perfect beer

Pilsner: summer’s perfect beer

TORONTO, Ont. — Summertime surrounds us with delightful sights, sounds and smells. When we are enjoying the weather in our backyards, the light breeze often carries the scent of barbecued meats and vegetables from the neighbour’s house right to our patio.

Wouldn’t it be great to walk over and invite yourself to their barbecue? But you can’t crash a barbecue empty handed, and nothing goes with a barbecue like beer…and the ultimate summer style is a Pilsner. 

“Beer is essential to an outdoor summer party - it's rewarding to get back outdoors and enjoy the colours and the warmth of spring, and nothing welcomes the warm weather like beer on the patio,” says Cam Heaps, Co-founder for Steam WhistleBrewing. “Your neighbours and friends will appreciate you bringing some refreshing Pilsner – it goes well with everything from savoury snacks to comfort food, and it’s great on its own to toast with a crowd. Pilsner’s perfect balance of grainy sweetness and crisp hopped bitterness provides real refreshment in the heat. It is both thirst-quenching and delicious!”

Steam Whistle Pilsner is characterized by a floral hop aroma, a softly sweet graininess with distinctive grassy notes, and balanced by a clean, crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness. When pouring this refreshing lager, expect soft, rising foam and a smooth drinking experience. This Pilsner is best stored and served at 4-8 degrees Celsius.

From heartier foods like grilled meats, to tender roasted vegetables and even desserts – each is perfectly paired with a cold crisp Pilsner. Beer isn’t only great for barbecues; the thing that makes beer the ultimate summer beverage is its versatility.  With beer, there is never any worry of mixing, or needing a glass for your drinks. Cans are a great alternative to bottles, particularly for camping or cottaging, because you don’t have to worry about the danger of broken glass or the beer spoiling from damaging light. Lucky for you, Steam Whistle’s Pilsner comes in both cans and bottles!

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What is a Pilsner? 

Pilsner is a style of lager that originated in Plzen (pronounced Pilsen), Czechoslovakia in 1842. Prior to that time, beers were of the ale style made with top-fermenting yeast, and were darker in colour and somewhat hazy.  In 1842, an innovative German Brewmaster at a Czech Brewery used the local fresh water source, pale malted barley and local hops, along with a ground-breaking technique of methodical bottom fermenting with a new strain of yeast. The resulting brew, coined ‘Pilsner,’ was a refreshing, golden beer with a nice balance of malt body and bitterness, and very drinkable. Pilsners quickly became the most popular style brewed in the world, but only some are faithful to this original recipe.

Steam Whistle is made using traditional brewing techniques and only four natural ingredients: spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast - all GMO-free. There is a fifth ingredient in every refreshing bottle, and that is the passion of their dedicated Brewmaster and staff. Steam Whistle employs the same ‘decoction’ method of brewing used in the Czech Republic, where part of the mash is boiled at higher temperatures to caramelize the barley sugars resulting in a rich, malty flavour and a creamier head on the poured beer. Bohemian Pilsner is one of the most challenging styles to make as its relatively light colour and flavour (compared with more robust ales), reveals any inconsistencies from batch to batch. Steam Whistle Pilsner is the reigning Gold Medal winner in the Pilsner category at the Canadian Brewing awards.

“The Good Beer Folks at Steam Whistle are proud to offer this Canadian Craft Pilsner,” says Heaps. “It’s our toast to you!”

About Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle, an independent brewery housed in Toronto’s historic John St. Roundhouse, has a passionate focus of making just one beer of exceptional quality that Canadians can be proud of. A Gold Medal winner at the Canadian Brewing Awards, their refreshing Pilsner is crafted with traditional European brewing methods and only four, natural (GMO-free) ingredients under the watchful eye of their Czech Brewmaster. Steam Whistle Pilsner is packaged in signature green glass bottles, cans and draught, and is shipped fresh across Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and BC to Beer and Liquor Stores as well as licensed bars & restaurants. Steam Whistle welcomes more than 100,000 visitors to the brewery each year to the on-site retail store, for a tour, or to attend one of the many on-site events, concerts and art shows. Highly awarded for its premium beer, its business success, community support and environmental practices, Steam Whistle Pilsner is one of the premiere craft beer brands in Canada.

To learn more about what we do really, really well visit www.steamwhistle.ca

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