SUPRA Presents The A-Morir Skytop

Los Angeles, CA — SUPRA has collaborated with luxury eyewear and accessory brand, A-Morir, to create the A-Morir Skytop. The black and gold double-sided sequin high top marks the second collaboration between the two brands.
"We're very excited about working with A-Morir again," said Matt Fontana, President of Global Brands at ONE Distribution. "A-Morir is the perfect partner for SUPRA because they reflect the attitude of the SUPRA female consumer: independent, fashion forward, innovative, and fun."
"Part of the success of the first A-Morir collaboration," said Kerin Rose, of A-Morir, "was being able to work with a design team at a luxury sneaker brand that was willing to let me operate under the same set of non-guidelines I apply to my eyewear line. Because of their support we were able to launch the SUPRA women's line in 2012 with a monster. I've been asked almost daily when the next A-Morir and SUPRA collaboration is going to come out and I'm so happy that it is finally here."
The black and gold sequins were, of course, inspired by the first A-Morir collaboration (which featured black and silver sequins) but Kerin also cites a more dubious influence.
"I'm a founding member of JAPSET," said Kerin Rose. "It's a gang made up of the most boss bitch, chilled out, bad assed, good hearted, tough as nails, bagel eating, hummus shmearing cultural Jewesses you'll ever meet. While I am not at liberty to divulge the intimate details of our mission statement, I can say that our colors are black and gold."
Kerin "The Sparkle Queen" added that wearing the black and gold Skytop is not analogous to a kutte, and a purchase isn't akin to being jumped in, but they do put you one step closer to a group of very cool and powerful women.
"To me," Kerin said, "these shoes represent the woman who stays true to herself, and succeeds in a man's world with her confidence, hard work, and kindness. A woman who puts her best foot forward every day, and when she does, she does it in the best sneakers on the market."
The A-Morir Skytop is available at fine SUPRA retailers worldwide and
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