FRANK151 Japan and Stussy Japan have collaborated with 20 artists for a special collection of ice-cold tees called Cult Club.

Each of Cult Club’s ten shirts come in either black or white and feature a graphic collectively designed by two out of the overall 20 collaborators. The shirts will be released in two groups, with the first group available in Stussy Japan stores on Saturday (a.k.a. today here in New York thanks to time zones). The second group will be released July 9.
Some notable collaborators are Fool’s Gold, guest curators of FRANK151 Chapter 44, ILL Studio, guest curators of Chapter 27, Estevan Oriol, guest curator of Chapter 29, Chapter 19 contributor Jamil GS, and contributor to the upcoming FRANK151 Chapter 52: China, P.M. Ken.
Lyntaro Wajima, publisher of FRANK Japan, told us there was divine inspiration behind the collection. “Culture and religion are similar,” he said. With collaborations being so frequent these days he wanted his to be of godly dopeness. That’s why Lyn hit up artists with “believers and followers like a real religious cult,” hence the name Cult Club.
Best thing he told us? This collection is “like Wu-Tang Clan for the culture.”

FRANK151 JAPAN X STUSSY CULT CLUB FRANK151 JAPAN X STUSSY CULT CLUB Reviewed by Tony G on July 01, 2013 Rating: 5

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