Miley Cyrus and Viviscal

 Miley Cyrus

 Miley Cyrus has admitted that she’s ready to bring back her long locks! In a conversation with Kelly Osbourne on E!’s Fashion Police, Cyrus noted “I’m secretly tugging on it every night
and taking Viviscal, I’m not going to lie. But I’m going to rock it while I have it.” She also mentions that doing the cover of Maxim and having short hair makes her feel like she’s speaking on behalf of girls everywhere, breaking a stereotype. Celebs love it and their stylists swear by it! Viviscal, also known as the “beauty pill,” is a 6-month hair growth program that reduces hair shedding and increases hair thickness. The supplement doubles your hair’s follicular growth, keeping it in the anagen phase for a longer period of time. The product line includes Viviscal Extra Strength, Viviscal Man, Hair Filler Fibers, Shampoo and conditioner. Which other celebs can you find popping the must-have beauty pill to maintain hair health and luminosity? Longtime celebrity following Cynthia Nixon, Salma Blair, Reese Witherspoon, Miranda Lambert and Paula Abdul!
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