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Clothing brand LPD New York, model Jessica Stam and Many Hopes are pleased to announce a special collaboration “Team Stam” jersey to benefit Many Hopes. The special collaboration is now available on  atwww.lpdnyc.com with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly towards Many Hopes efforts in Kenya. To celebrate the collaboration, model Jessica Stam, LPD New York’s creator Benjamin Fainlight, and Many Hopes will held a special launch event during New York Fashion week last night in New York City.
Many Hopes is raising the generation of children who will defeat the causes of the extreme poverty they were born into. The organization builds homes and schools for orphaned girls and boys and creates local businesses to support them. 
“These jersey’s are a perfect example of how busy New Yorkers can do great justice 8000 miles away by using their skills and influence right here in the city,” said Many Hopes founder Thomas Keown.  “Jessica Stam and LPD New York are showing how using our professional abilities and platforms right here can unlock the potential of some of the world’s poorest communities.
The “Team Stam” jersey is the latest design from LPD New York, a clothing brand rooted at the intersection of high fashion and American streetwear started by Benjamin Fainlight and best known for their “Dream Team" collection, a series of jerseys featuring high fashion designer names from Ricardo Tisci to Rei Kawakubo. LPD New York’s jerseys have been spotted on celebrities and fashion enthusiasts such as Rita Ora, J. Cole, and Kevin Durant. 

About Many Hopes:
Many Hopes is a long-term strategic solution to the corruption and poverty that exploits the most
vulnerable girls and boys. Many Hopes invests in sustainable community development on 5 related fronts
one community at a time: girls homes, quality school, boys homes, medical facility and community water.
Many Hopes pledges that each project it initiates will be fully self-sustaining within 10 years of launch.
Many Hopes uses investment to build new homes and schools while building a portfolio of business for
long-term sustainment. We believe in starting small but thinking big.

About LPD New York:
Founded in 2012, LPD New York (previously known as "Les Plus Dorés") is a clothing brand rooted at the
intersection of high fashion and American streetwear. Best known for "The Dream Team" - a series of t-
shirts featuring high fashion designer names in basketball jersey format - LPD New York's presence has
exploded across the Internet and fashion media, including features in Vogue.com, Elle UK, Harper's
Bazaar UK, HypeBeast, HighSnobiety, Complex Magazine, Paper Magazine, and various blogs. Vice
Magazine's distaste for the brand assures its sticking power. LPD New York strives to reimagine the
conventions of fashion, making it accessible and unifying for all participating, while bringing couture
conceptualism and themes to streetwear.

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