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We are a 36,000 square foot facility located on Tycos drive. With high skylight ceilings, and top of the line equipment, Novitá Wellness Institute opened February of 2010, yet the company has been around since 1999. Novitá Wellness Institute is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing you outstanding customer service.

Student Memberships (High school and college students)
Corporate Memberships
Senior Memberships
General Memberships
Personal Training
Elite Program

Pro-shop with delicious protein shakes, health bars 
Steam room (For men and women)
Women’s-only section
Blow dryer’s/ flat iron’s
Large PRIVATE showers
Fitness assessments included

“Good Health and Good Sense are life’s two greatest blessings” Publilius Syrus

In this fast moving hasty world that we live in, maintaining good health is essential for us to go on with present standards of living but to achieve all this we need to work hard, both physically and mentally. All of us need to be healthy regardless of our age or gender. Exercise and eating healthy foods is essential to promote a healthy body. Physical activities constantly challenge our body and brain, stimulating parts of ourselves that we cannot acquire by sitting idle. Exercise is a means to achieve a healthy body and mind.

Class Description 

Spinning is a great way to get a vigorous workout - burning up to 800 calories in class and keeping your muscles in shape, especially during the off-season for outdoor cyclist. This is a high intensity class and it dose take a few classes for an individual to get use to but once you do it's awesome every ride after that.

Is a cardio based strength training workout that combines flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. Body sculpting is designed to shape and tone the body without building muscular size or bulk. Body sculpting is highly recommended to those enrolled in a weight loss program because it helps retain lean muscle tissue while boosting metabolism.

Step Fusion is a form of exercise that utilizes a platform ranging in height. Participants combine a series of floor foot patterns with those that require stepping on and off the platform. Step Fusion is performed with music at an upbeat tempo to get you going!

This is way to party and get into shape at the same time that is what the Zumba program is all about. It's an effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness- party that's moving millions of people toward joy health.

Focus' on strengthening and toning the midsection of the body. Thighs, hamstrings, abdominals, lower back and butt. Lift and tone for your desired results with lunges, squats, planks and more! Circuit style class with the occasional stationary mix.

Circuit style training in one-minute intervals. A series of different exercises to tone and tighten all parts of the body. Cardio is also present to help burn those calories. Each class ends with up to 10 minutes of stretching for increased flexibility and range of motion.

If you are ready for a challenge this class is for you. This class introduction 30 minutes of strength and endurance training and 20 minutes of maximum interval training. These intervals involve using your own body weight as resistance and performing exercises at high intensity with short rest periods. This is followed by a 10 minute flexibility, balance and core component aimed at lengthening and strength the various muscles worked.

Focuses on strengthening your core with different sequences of both abdominal and back exercises. Taking Hard Core class helps you to strength your core, as well as to minimize lower back pain and poor posture.


NOVITA WELLNESS INSTITUTE 68 Tycos Drive, Toronto, ON M6B 1W3 info@novitawellness.com Tel: (416) 785 7867

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