The Newton Brothers #TIFF

The Newton Brothers. Andy Grush and Taylor Stewart, produced the scores of some of the hottest film at the festival this year, and still manage their time to work on several more projects. The Newton Brothers produced the scores for seven films in eight monthssix of those seven films aired at major festivals, their work ethic sets them apart from others and creates a dynamic that cannot be matched. 

The Newton Brothers have six films in the works and are pitching two TV shows. 

At TIFF 2013, they produced the scores for Proxy; a European style suspense thriller, produced by the experienced Zack ParkerLife of Crime; starring Jennifer Aniston, Mos Def, and Isla Fisher, a simple kidnapping, that is far more complicated than expected, and Oculus airing during the coveted closing night of Toronto Festival, is a supernatural film that will keep you on the edge of seats, as two siblings try to discover the truth behind their parents murder and a series of deaths that date back 300 years earlier. And we all know thrillers are nothing without a exceptional score backing them. 

The Newton Brothers approach every project as a new story where they want to support the context of each film to give it further depth and perspective. They narrate stories with music, ranging from a dark industrial sound to lush romantic, dramatic orchestra.  

This and more is what sets the Newton Brothers apart from average composers. 

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