Who Is @ZLaLaZLaLa

Z LaLa

She is a singer/songwriter whose eclectic style, paired with her captivating voice has catapulted her on to the international music scene. Born in Los Angeles, CA, and hailing from a long line of talented opera singers, theatrical, and drama performers, Z LaLa knew from a young age she wanted to pursue a career in music.

While most 14 year old kids where hanging out at the mall or the movies, this budding singer spent her free time recording in the studio, performing at local humanitarian events, and starring in numerous school plays.
 Z LaLa went on to attend college, but realized that a degree wouldn’t help her achieve her dream. Since then, she has worked with notable producers and composers including Prince and The Black Eyed Peas.
Z LaLa officially hit the music scene by releasing her first single, "Fly Away”, in 14 different languages, including sign language, followed by her debut album, "Zilosophy," which she co-produced with Jaylien Wesley (“You’re so beautiful” by Akon). The album received rave reviews and was well-liked by listeners. Her latest single “Sweet Dreams” is quickly approaching 1 million YouTube views, which can be seen below

Z LaLa’s captivating voice and creative vision has received recognition from heavy hitters in the music industry such as Shal Talmay (David Bowie), The Who, Mark Williams (Madonna) and many others.

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