John Lobb and Hermes for Aston Martin

T H E   S T O R Y   C O N T I N U E S :
D I S C O V E R   W I N N E R   S P O R T   M K I I

John Lobb and Aston Martin have once again joined forces to create a stylish
and lightweight driver's shoe.


An elegantly proportioned driving shoe inspired by the curves and forms of an 
Aston Martin with stitch lines and detailing reminiscent of its hand crafted interiors.
The beautifully executed rows of a twin stitching and perforated leather panels 
being both a John Lobb and Aston Martin design signature.


Constructed on the newly developed 8613 last, Winner Sport MKII is a six-eyelet 
lightweight driver's shoe. The last has the same fitting qualities as the 8695, but the 
toe has a powerful shape. This style is flat-lasted, a manufacturing process 
that achieves both lightness and flexibility.   


Carefully selected from the finest full-grain skin, the leather offers excellent
breathability with a natural grained effect formed during the tanning process which
ensures extreme suppleness. The shoe is available in five colour ways - Pure Black,
Cinnamon Brown, Fern Green, Lords Red and Baltic Blue. 



Produced in two colours, Pure Black and Cinnamon Brown, it features sporty rubber
with the John Lobb footprint and kick up at the back to protect the leather at the heel.
Matching the colour of the sole, shoelaces are supplied in black or dark brown.
The removable footbed is made of rubber covered with a sheepskin lining. 
The excellent compression set and durable padding add support to the foot.

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