Rapper J. Cole in KHǺN Short Sleeve Knit Sweater @xkhanmindx

photo credit: Todd Owyoung

 Rapper J. Cole was spotted wearing a black KHǺN short sleeve knit sweater while he was onstage performing during the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas over the weekend.

J. Cole is wearing this knit sweater exclusively, but will be included in the upcoming KHǺN Fall/Winter 2013 Collection available to the public early October 2013 for a retail price of $130 onwww.khanmind.com.

KHǺN was recently featured in a XXL spread and also worn by Chad Javon Johnson formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, among many others.

About KHǺN
KHǺN is a high-end and creative streetwear brand based in Detroit, Michigan. KHǺN began with the artistic vision of designer Rohail Malik. Inspired by life's most basic elements, KHǺN is committed to sending its message through art in fashion. For more information, please visit khanmind.com.

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photo credit: Todd Owyoung (left) & Gerard Victor (right)

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