Bionic x Burton Collaboration

By Brian Farmer. Inspired by traditional handwoven fabrics, Pharrell Williams–partner and creative director for BIONIC–provided the textile design for the brand’s latest collaborative release with Burton Snowboards. Built with a Burton-exclusive BIONIC fabric that combines recycled yarns with rugged waterproof/breathability, the Burton x BIONIC Bomber Down Snowboard Jacket is now available in three colors at Burton for $399.95 USD.
“A while back, I sat down with Pharrell and his Bionic Yarn partners Tyson and Tim in New York to talk about ideas for a Burton x BIONIC line,” said Greg Dacyshyn, Chief Creative Officer of Burton Snowboards. “Pharrell is such a creative individual and he fired off a million ideas. But it was clear from the beginning that he was into many of the things that are so important to Burton, like progressive design, innovative tech and eco-conscious projects."
“We also talked about how he is inspired by South American textiles, so that’s why we turned to traditional Peruvian prints as the foundation of the line. After we figured out the look of the line, then we pushed the tech capabilities of BIONIC Yarn to a whole new level to implement the BIONIC(R) Yarn into actual wovens and jacquards, which they had never done before. The end result is something we’re really proud of.” 

Inspired by the traditional handwoven fabrics of Bolivia, Pharrell Williams, Partner & Creative Director for BIONIC®, provided the textile design for this NDGNS collection made with BIONIC® Yarn. Using recycled plastic bottles, BIONIC® Yarn incorporates 40-45 percent recycled content and is up to 400 percent stronger than traditional thread.

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