@MelanieDurrant - GONE - Official Video #Toronto

Melanie Durrant | GONE
After a busy year in 2013 filled with studio sessions, live festival performances, and a Juno-nomination, singer-songwriter Melanie Durrant continues to push forward with a new video for her recently released single “Gone”.
The jazzy sounding Allstar-produced record features powerful vocals from Durrant who boasts of being a man's main love interest while anyone else is second best - "He only wants you when you're gone."
Besides starring in the “Gone” video, Melanie Durrant sat in the director’s chair along side Slakah The Beatchild to ensure her vision was a success. The two Toronto artists have worked together on a variety of projects in the past and their creative chemistry always produces stand out work.
“Gone” is staged in a theatre setting with Durrant and her showgirls preparing for a performance. The storyline is a realistic take on her life as a touring entertainer. Styled with the splash of glitter, subtle choreography and classy seduction, Durrant’s vocals and beauty make this “Gone” video an enticing extension to the song itself.

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