MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO ®, an unforgettable special edition bottle, hits the shelves in time for the Holiday season

DISARONNO® will donate a portion of the proceeds to its charity partner par excellence, Fashion 4 Development 

DISARONNO®, the most popular Italian liquor in the world, rounds off a successful year with the ultimate drinks cabinet addition: the iconic bottle, with its unmistakable squared bottle top, will be made over by the Italian fashion house Moschino. This collaboration between two stylish Italian brands is available for purchase now.

The MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO® bottle will be designed in the fashion house's signature style, adorned with its classic heart pattern in a bold black and red colour palette. This distinctive limited edition combines the characteristics of Moschino with the unmistakable silhouette of the DISARONNO® bottle. It's an ideal gift for fashionistas to find under the tree.

The partnership was born with the idea of linking the iconic image of the bottle and brand to that of another that is also recognizable all over the world with a specially designed holiday look. DISARONNO® meets the world of fashion, in particular Moschino, another dynamic brand with an extensive Italian heritage.

The DISARONNO® and Moschino project will support the charity Fashion 4 Development(sponsored by the United Nations) through a donation of its profits to help the development of this unique initiative in Africa.

The exclusive MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO® limited edition is now available.

To celebrate this festive collaboration, the iconic Italian liqueur has created DISARONNO® Loves Sour a twist on a timeless cocktail:
  • 40ml DISARONNO®
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 7 muddled cranberries
  • Shaken and strained in a flute with no ice
  • Topped with champagne


DISARONNO® is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed over ice or in a number of delicious cocktails and is available in supermarkets and off licenses for $33. Disaronno is the most consumed Italian liquor in the world. Featuring an original taste and unmistakable aroma, it stands out on the world stage with distribution in more than 160 countries. The Disaronno bottle in hammered glass has a unique design and a cap which lends elegance and modernity, embellished with a golden label that enhances its contemporary style. Disaronno is a pleasure to enjoy on the rocks as well as in its various mixed versions, including the Disaronno Sour. Recognizable and versatile, it makes every cocktail one of a kind. 

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