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VICE presents Part Three of the latest episode of Fresh Off The Boat with Eddie Huang, which heads to Detroit. In Part Three of the episode, chef and New York Times bestselling author Eddie Huang spends a day with Allan Hill - a born-again Christian who's lived in Detroit's abandoned Packard Plant for seven years - and eats mystery-meat pastries and homemade yogurt before visiting a local soup kitchen to discuss the current state of the Motor City.
Watch Part Two of the Detroit episode of Fresh Off The Boat on VICE: http://www.vice.com/fresh-off-the-boat/detroit-part-3
Season Two takes viewers on a cavernous dive into cities around the world undergoing rapid transitions. In each episode, Eddie finds commonality through the universal language of food, using it as an entry point to reveal the struggles, and highlight the ingenuity, of people forced to reinvent their ways of life in the face of modern global capitalism – or vanish forever.
In the seven-episode season, Eddie shacks up with a tribe of nomadic camel herders in Mongolia; witnesses the shattered city of Detroit through the eyes of native son Danny Brown;  joins a Pakistani Muslim cricket league in London; explores the lucrative panda export business in Chengdu, China; sidelines with city food cart workers in Shanghai; calls out the whitewashing of Brooklyn back home in New York; and embeds with local Muscovites with help from a Russian YouTube star and community of Kyrgyzstan immigrants.
Huang, a restaurateur, TV personality, provocateur, and former 2013 TED Fellow (who had his TED fellowship revoked for comparing the organization to a "Scientology summer camp"), described his vision behind Season Two as such:
“Season Two is about resistance. Resisting the rising force of global capitalism and forcing technology, government, and soft power to work for us once again. As it stands, we live in an oppressive global feudalism where the individual creates and lays its treasures up to the 1% with no other option but to live the life of a digital peasant. Although we have the luxury of watching Breaking Bad from a couch flanked by bowls of Shin Ramyun and Black Forest Gummy Bears, the fact of the matter is that we live in a feudal global economy with slightly better soma and Heisenberg with a hundred and ninety-six faces (countries in the world).” 
Watch more from Season Two of Fresh Off The Boat here: http://www.vice.com/fresh-off-the-boat
Look out for trailers and new episodes rolling out each Monday, through the end of March.
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Eddie Huang is a chef, writer, speaker and producer based in New York City. He is widely known as the chef and owner of the popular Taiwanese restaurant Baohaus in New York City’s East Village – an advocate for the young & cultured as well as experienced foodies alike.

Fresh Off The Boat is the popular moniker that shares the title with many of Eddie’s widely reached projects. His ingenuous travelogue web-series has become one of VICE Media’s most popular online properties, described as a “genre bending venture of subcultures through the lens of food” that features Eddie traveling the United States and abroad.

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