@iamtovelo Introducing Tove Lo... One To Watch At SXSW

Tuesday 03/11 – Spotify House – 901 E 6th St – 01:00PM
Thursday 03/13 – Universal Music Showcase – Palm Door on Sixth – 01:30PM
Friday 3/14 - Windish Showcase - Mohawk - 12:45PM

Saturday 3/15 - Neon Gold Showcase - Empire Garage - 08:45PM

Sweden’s own Tove Lo is already ruling the waves in her homeland and is set to create a stir Stateside as she prepares for a debut performance at SXSW on March 10 and gears up for the release of her debut EP, appropriately titled ‘Truth Serum’, out on March 4  via Island Records with limited edition vinyl by Neon Gold.

Anyone will tell you that Sweden reigns supreme when it comes to fostering amazing pop talent and producing undeniable pop hits. However, with this particular Stockholm native, the typical mold of elegant heartfelt electro pop has been beautifully corrupted by a lyrical honesty and rawness, never quite delivered in such a way until now.

After self-releasing two examples of her unique take on pop last year, Tove Lo quickly gained the attention and praise from the likes of everyone from Popjustice to Pitchfork, and continued to reaffirm the fact that this talented and sprightly young songwriter is more than ready to take her pop confessionals to a whole new level.

Recently signed to Island RecordsTove Lo plans to penetrate the pop world with her edgy and honest approach and will be releasing her debut EP digitally and on vinyl (Neon Gold) next month. Pre-order your copy here.

Lead single ‘Habits’ shifts effortlessly and soars without restrain. Always anchored by Lo’s impassioned vocals, she details – with a refreshing honesty -- the lengths that people go to when trying to forget their pain. Raw, unbridled and packed full of sky-scraping pop hooks, ‘Truth Serum’ follows Habits' lead. From the sleek, electronic pulse of the ludicrously catchy ‘Not On Drugs’ to the jungle and drum'n'bass influenced ‘Paradise’, and the devastating melancholia of the musically upbeat ‘Over’. ‘Truth Serum’ is a collection that not only showcases a sharp new talent but also sets a new standard for emotional pop music.

The EP closes with ‘Out Of Mind’, a song that rushes along a mesh of sizzling synths as our lady in question defiantly picks at a relationship. Altogether, another example of Tove Lo's greatest strength; the ability to cloak emotional honesty in the sort of songs you want to jump about a room to, drink in hand, singing out your emotions with a big tear-stained grin on your face.

‘Truth Serum’ will be available on vinyl, iTunesSpotify and Amazon from 
March 4, 2014.

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