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March is National Music Therapy Month. To celebrate, the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund (CMTTF), in partnership with The Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT) will host the 1st annual March for Music Therapy coast to coast on March 30.

Music Therapy in Action
When Laura turned four her parents witnessed her use her hands independently and unsupported for the first time - to strum the music therapist's guitar. Now in private music therapy sessions, Laura  continues to use her hands consistently. Other professionals insisted that Laura would have to "use her head" to push a switch or "eye gaze" to make choices. Today she uses her hands for both tasks.  Her parents credit the music therapist's highly motivational session planning.
A music therapist was deployed at the request of the town, and flood-torn zone of High River, Alberta. After the first session one adult with tears in her eyes said, 'The music was able to do something we didn't know we needed. We have not been able to cry since the flood. We have been in survival mode. We need to express our anger, we need to renew our hope, we need to heal. Music Therapy is giving us a fresh path to do just that.'

What is Music Therapy?
Accredited Music Therapists (MTAs) have a bachelor degree or higher in music therapy training, and use the power of music to promote, maintain, or achieve goals related to health, well-being, and quality of life. From pre-natal to palliative care, accredited music therapists work in areas including but not limited to: mental health, developmental disabilities, and seniors care, with people of all ages and at all stages of life. There are currently 461 MTAs practicing in Canada.

1st Annual March for Music Therapy
The March for Music Therapy will be a grassroots, family and community focused national event that will take place in 14 communities across Canada. On Sunday, March 30th, groups across Canada will be marching up to 5 km to raise awareness and funds for Music Therapy. All marches will end at a venue, where a party with live music will celebrate the community coming together and supporting the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund and their efforts to provide music therapy services to under served populations in Canada. Goodlife Fitness, among others, has generously signed on as sponsor to aid in the success of the event. The goal is to have over 3000 people march in communities across the country and grow this number over the following years.      

Accredited Therapist + Music + Science = Transformed Lives

The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund is a national registered non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians through the therapeutic use of music. 
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