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Since 1991, Nik Timar and Gil Masuda have been making music as DJs in Toronto’s break dance and beat maker community. The rare, long lasting creative partnership has led them to notoriety as Circle Research, a production duo that has worked with the likes of Ivana Santilli, Elizabeth Shepherd, Mile Bonny, MC Abdominal, Apostle of Hustle, and Maylee Todd. They made themselves even bigger local institutions through a 10 year radio show run at the now-defunct CKLN 88.1 FM, and signed onto reputable labels such as Do Right Music, Melting Pot Music (MPM), and Urbnet Records. The two still man 4 simultaneous residencies as highly in-demand DJs. 

But in the last year, Timar and Masuda have set their eyes on new frontiers as The Precious Lo’s, the duo’s first foray into singing and songwriting. By pairing their skills with fresh, light hearted beats and eclectic tastes, they’re looking to build something that is at once original and classic. It’s a sound that spans decades and pulls from every corner of music, touching on Pharrell Williams to Sharon Jones, J Dilla to Lee Fields, Dam Funk to Prince. Timar and Masuda split producing and singing duties, echoing their process seasoned over 20 years of collaboration. 

"We were just experimenting and trying to find our voice," says Gil. 

Their voice means much more than how they sing, but how they've come to define their sound. With a foundation of crisp, infectious production that can alternate between seductive and fun at the drop of a hat, they work a contrasting style that can only be described by an equally contrasting label: electro soul. The theory has already been put through the paces with the online success of "Ice Ice Baby," an ode to Toronto weather, and "Valentine Girl," a holiday release. They're even slated to appear on the 2014 album of Anthony Valdez (KCRW). 

“I think as creative people you want to challenge yourself and do something new,” says Nik Timar of the new venture. 

The challenge comes to a head with the release of their new self-titled EP available now. The new release, which features single & music video "More Than Friends," with guest Maylee Todd is available for free through their SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/the-precious-los/more-than-friends

Band Name: The Precious Lo's
EP Title: The Precious Lo's
Genre: Electro-Soul
Release Date: March 3rd

Download the EP which includes the single "More Than Friends ft. Maylee Todd": Click Here

The Precious Lo's Website: thepreciouslos.com
Official Facebook: facebook.com/thepreciouslos
Official Twitter: twitter.com/thepreciouslos
Official Instagram: instagram.com/thepreciouslos
Official YouTube: youtube.com/user/thepreciouslos
Band Camp:thepreciouslos.bandcamp.com/album/the-precious-los-ep

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