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BARRETT Collection

The Blacksmith-Labs BARRETT was designed with traditions in mind, with a classic look that never goes out of style.  The design goal is very simple: to create an elegant yet functional holster with clean lines.  The result is a perfectly proportioned holster in our premium leather.  Each piece of our leather has its own special touch and unique texture.  To further enhance the classical elegant design, every BARRETT is finished with ultra fine stitching to give an unmistaken look and feel of refinement.  Combined with our Blacksmith-Labs Signature Series metal belt clip, the BARRETT is the perfect companion of your bespoke outfits to complement your everyday life.

BRUNO Collection

The Blacksmith-Labs  BRUNO is the ultimate expression of our design philosophy.  It was designed with contemporary dimensions in mind for a minimalist look.  The BRUNO holster body is constructed from a single piece of premium leather to provide slimmest profile possible.  The piece of leather is hand-stitched by our skillful craftsman to form the holster body for perfect fitting and maximum protection.  To complement the contemporary style, metal button stud is chosen for secure flap closure.  Combined with our Blacksmith-Labs Signature Series metal belt clip, BRUNO caters to those that live by the less-is-more philosophy.



Horween Signature Collection

The Horween Signature Collection is the finest expression of Blacksmith-Labs' excellence in every aspect of leather accessories design and manufacturing.  Horween Leather Company in Chicago has been making fine leather for more than a century, using traditional tanning techniques even to date.  Every piece of leather from their factory is renowned for its exceptional resistance, as well as its luxury touch and texture.  The true quality of the leather is beyond description and one has to hold it to appreciate its suppleness. Combined with the Blacksmith-Labs' innovative design and tight manufacturing process, the Horween Signature Series truly makes it one of a kind and an unassuming flagship among our collections. 

About Us

The Blacksmith-Labs brand was conceived by a group of industry veteran at Exati Technologies Inc., who saw the need for a much better belt clip in the smartphone holster product segment.  The brand was first launched on Kickstarter in October 2013, introducing to the world holsters with premium quality leather and metal alloy belt clips.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is based on the concept of modern minimalist, focusing on the fundamentals of the design without unnecessary elements. Every detail of the design are tied to functionality, from the choice of using a button stud, to the use of a metal alloy belt clip.


Design is nothing without quality.  And this is why our material selection is meticulous, down to every bit of details including the packaging.  We are especially proud of our Horween Signature Collection, utilizing premium Horween leather in the construction of the BRUNO and BARRETT leather holsters complete with metal alloy belt clips. 
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