@ThePimpton - "All Men Are Mortal" (K.E. On The Track)

Performing at Canadian Music Week in Toronto May 10th at the Painted Lady 1AM

 "All Men Are Mortal" is the first track from Pimpton's upcoming LP, Killa Call Me Killa Vol. 2, coming this Fall. "All Men Are Mortal" is presented in the form of a monologue juxtaposed on a prayer for the highest level of success. Throughout the song Pimpton discusses his goals and struggles, his personal victories, and also voices some concerns regarding his future, expressing his intention for his music to persist through time even after his own death. The song wraps up with a prayer for moderation in which Pimpton expresses his fears of succumbing to greed and excess. Concluding that all humans are subject to temptations of greed until their time of death.

"All Men Are Mortal"


"Foreign" (Ft. Future - Prod. K.E. On The Track)

Canadian rapper, 23-year-old Kyriel “Pimpton” Roberts combines old-school hip-hop influences, experimental production, and thought-provoking lyrical flow to create a distinctive brand of hip-hop. Pimpton released two major albums in 2013 - The Deal Breaker: Manifest Destiny in February 2013, followed by Killa Call Me Killa Vol. 1 in September 2013.
Pimpton immigrated to Canada from the country island of Trinidad and Tobago. He started listening to hip-hop when he was 12 years old and released his debut album, The Newer Testament while he was still in highschool. Pimpton has always had curiosity towards societal shortcomings. He strongly identifies with the struggles of the middle class, and those of visible minorities. Pimpton’s reflections on these problems are conveyed through his lyricism.
On TDBMD, Pimpton teamed up with hip-hop legend Andre Nickatina for the track “Little Darrell.” By September 2013, “Little Darrell” had skyrocketed on to the MuchMusic charts, and presently remains in rotation on MuchVibe.
For KCMKV1 Pimpton’s switched it up with a free download album that was Hosted by DJ PopDukez which has been downloaded over 25,750 times. The top Single “Pom Pom Wit Killa Inside”  is currently in rotation on MuchVIBE.
Pimpton has performed at major festivals including SXSW, JunoFEST, Cannabis Cup and Canadian Music Week. He has shared the stage with big name hip-hop artists and icons such as Big Sean,Young Jeezy, BeenieMan, Andre Nickatina, Mistah F.A.B., EPMD (Eric Sermon and Parish Smith), UGK's Bun B, Cannabliss, Sweat Shop Union, RedMan & Method Man, Wu Tang Clan's Gza, Wu Tang Clan's Raekwon, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Warren G, Waka Flocka Flame, Swollen Members, Swollen Members's MadChild, Moka Only, JD Era, La Coka Nostra, and more.
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