@VICE Premieres @MishkaNYC Pre-Summer 2014 Lookbook

Mishka is always on some weird, obscure shit, which is why we fuck with them. Their latest collection draws inspiration from the internet and the occult. This time around, they've put a macabre spin on staple garments like T-shirts, snapbacks, hoodies, and jerseys. All of the gear features recurring cryptic iconography and a dramatic gothic color palette. According to Mishka's Andrew Fanelli, "This is not so much a departure for us, as it is a redefining of themes that have already existed within Mishka's visual vocabulary." Run threw the dope images above and visit Mishka's website for more bloodshot eyeballs and arcane cultural touchstones. - VICE

@VICE Premieres @MishkaNYC Pre-Summer 2014 Lookbook @VICE Premieres @MishkaNYC Pre-Summer 2014 Lookbook Reviewed by Tony G on April 16, 2014 Rating: 5

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