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Naja lingerie is taking yet another stride to elevate women everywhere! Empowering women who are ambitious in the workplace, confident in the classroom or a boss in the bedroom, Naja makes you feel in control. Out with the stigma of strong women being labeled as ‘Bossy’ and in with encouraging “women to raise their hands at work, demand recognition for their accomplishments and ultimately make strides in closing the pay and leadership gap between men and women in the workplace.”

 Get into Boss Mode the minute you get dressed in the am with these limited edition run of ‘ Not bossy, Boss’ panties created exclusively from Naja Lingerie. These black cotton panties with a gold chain detail give them a cheeky edge that is sure to make any woman feel like the Boss! With a quote printed inside ‘ Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want’ these are the kind of panties that will empower you. Priced at $16, the panties are available for a limited time only.

Purchase these panties online at www.naja.co

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