@SupraFootwear Kicks Off Summer Concert Series‏ w/ @TijuanaPanthers

Supra Footwear announces a free concert on Tuesday, June 3rd featuring the Tijuana Panthers. Known for an eclectic garage band sound that effortlessly flouts surf punk conventions, the Long Beach trio will be the first act of Supra's free concert series at the legendary Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood.
"We really appreciate Supra being kind enough to give us the opportunity to give our fans a free show," comments Tijuana Panthers bassist, Daniel Michicoff. "Perfect way to celebrate the release of our new record Wayne Interest."
Known for subtly welding shiny happy riffs onto surreal lyrics cloaked in satire and twinges of despair, the Tijuana Panthers fearlessly subvert sun-stained pop with surreal, mind-bending lyrics. While their gleeful brand of hyperactive debauchery screams endless summer, the band is intent on shining all year long with their new album Wayne Interest. Produced by Richard Swift, Wayne Interest drops June 3rd via their Innovative Interest label. Designed for friends of Supra, all free concert series shows will all be held at the renowned Roxy Theatre, an intimate venue made for bands. For more information on the Supra Footwear concert series, please visit suprafootwear.com
@SupraFootwear Kicks Off Summer Concert Series‏ w/ @TijuanaPanthers @SupraFootwear Kicks Off Summer Concert Series‏ w/ @TijuanaPanthers Reviewed by Tony G on May 14, 2014 Rating: 5

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