@TOWKIO Releases 'Hotchips N Chopstix' EP (Produced By A Billion Young) + "SH!T" Video

Towkio (formerly known as Tokyo Shawn) is an integral and up-and-coming member of Chicago's rambunctious and diverse "Savemoney" music collective. Easily recognized as the most outlandish in Savemoney, Towkio hails from the same (crew/brotherhood) as Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. His signature style is found within his music's production: eclectic, unconventional and characterized by a hallucinatory, genre-blending sound. By rapping over production that provoke the emotions and laying vocals on top of it all, Towkio's progressive music makes for a fresh take on rap within Chicago's recent hip-hop renaissance. Following his summer 2012 debut EP 'Community Service', the 20-year-old is preparing to release his full-length tape, '.Wav Theory', in 2014.
'.Wav Theory' is a concept album revolving the idea that energies travel in waves. These waves are invisible yet tangible and surround us at all times. Each song is focused on sound, breaking down the barrier of language to transmit a message or emotion. '.Wav Theory' is an introduction to a way of living, coexisting in both realities.

'Hot Chips N Chop Sticks' EP Tracklisting

01. Abstract
02. Sh!t 2.0 (feat. Leather Corduroys)
03. American Apparel Girls
04. Ready

Audio: http://soundcloud.com/tokyoshawn/i-kn...

Directed by Peter Campbell https://twitter.com/PeterFilms


Special thanks to the dancers:
Mary Pat Letourneau
Danielle Martinelli
Nikki Palumbo

Towkio - Shit 2.0 feat. Leather Corduroys 

@TOWKIO Releases 'Hotchips N Chopstix' EP (Produced By A Billion Young) + "SH!T" Video @TOWKIO Releases 'Hotchips N Chopstix' EP (Produced By A Billion Young) + "SH!T" Video Reviewed by Tony G on May 19, 2014 Rating: 5

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