FUBU Company Launches "Natural Style by FUBU" Hair Care Line‏ / @naturalstylfubu

"Hair is Fashion and a Fashion Is Our Heritage": FUBU Launches Hair Care Line, Natural Style By FUBU

 Urban style and sportswear line FUBU has just launched their personal hair care line, Natural Style by FUBU. Natural Style by FUBU promotes healthy African-American hair, whether it is permed, natural, straight, curly, transitioning and everything else in between. Natural Style by FUBU, if not the only, is one of the select few products to use Miracle9Complex, a blend of oils ranging from virgin olive to argon to tea tree aimed towards sealing the moisture in one's hair, particularly for naturalistas. Natural Style by FUBU utilizes all that nature has to offer, putting only the finest natural ingredients in to provide the consumer with happy, healthy results.

 Other Natural Style by FUBU products include Women's Curl Elongator that minimizes shrinkage as hair dries, and Gentle Shampoo for women created with a non-stripping, gentle formula perfect for dry and colour-treated hair, as well as a Leave-In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner/Co-Wash and much more. Men, don't think they've forgotten about you! Men products include Men's 3-in-1 Oil Moisturizing Lotion for hair, scalp, and body, 3-in-1 Cleansing Wash and 3-in-1 Pomade. Natural Style can be found available for purchase in all independent beauty supply stores: Walgreens and Duane Reade. The hair care line will not only surround hair care, but FUBU has big aspirations for branching out into everyone's kitchens, bathrooms and all throughout the house. Natural Style has already received recognition from major media outlets such as Sister 2 Sister Magazine, FreddyO.com, The Style Reporter and Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine.

ABOUT FUBU- Founded in 1992 by Carlton Brown, Keith Perrin, J. Alexander Martin and ABC series Shark Tank's own Daymond John, FUBU originally started off as a brand of hats in Hollis, Queens [New York]. FUBU, which stands for "For Us By Us", consists of T-shirts, jeans, baseball caps, jerseys, eyewear, belts, suits, shoes and rugby shirts all embroidered with the famous logo. The Platinum FUBU collection exclusively includes clothing lines from Muhammad Ali, Harlem Globetrotters, Junkyard Gang, and Fat Albert. FUBU, too, has exploded to lines such as watches, swimwear, intimate apparel and even tuxedos.

FUBU has been recognizes greatly for their achievements in entrepreneurship with many honors and awards such as two NAACP Awards, a Citation of Honor from the Queens Borough President, and the Christopher Wallace Award. While the original owners haven't sold the company, despite false rumors, they have licensing deals all over the world including FUBU Africa, FUBU Australia, FUBU Malaysia and FUBU Korea.

 Visit the official website at: www.naturalstylebyfubu.com
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FUBU Company Launches "Natural Style by FUBU" Hair Care Line‏ / @naturalstylfubu FUBU Company Launches "Natural Style by FUBU" Hair Care Line‏ / @naturalstylfubu Reviewed by FADED4U on July 27, 2014 Rating: 5

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