FRESHiAM is celebrating the brands 5 year anniversary with a limited edition run of FUKK skateboards.  The size 8 decks are fully dipped in black with "+FUKK+" lettering in white boldly printed on the bottom. To mark the debut of the deck and commemorate the 5 year mile-marker FRESHiAM teamed up with Vincent Lou Films to deliver a short film that follows pro-skater, Anthony Williams for a day on his limited edition FRESHiAM board. Watch the short film, directed by FRESHiAM’s Tunde O., below, and cop your +FUKK+ board today for $150.00 at the FRESHiAM store in Atlanta or online HERE.

+FRESH.i.AM+ is a reaction. Seeking more authentic channels of creativity after expulsion from school because of his art, Atlanta based Tunde O, +FRESH.i.AM+'s Founder and Creative Director, teamed up with friend C.Will (who now manages the +FRESH.i.AM+ brand) to transform a unique vision into a blog that united art, fashion and music for the Atlanta youth. 

The goal was to expose +FRESH.i.AM+ readers to the real and raw creative talents in the creative youth culture in Atlanta, thereby serving as a beacon to like-minded people looking for new inspiration and fresh outlets.

On June 30th 2008 the +FRESH.i.AM+ blog was established. In this first year the blog embraced the changing landscape of digital media.  The website’s strong aesthetic, original content, and a series of offline live fashion and art installation events that tied the youth culture in Atlanta to a global audience ultimately led to a quarter of a million hits each month within the first year.

Riding on the success of the blog and after convincing seamstress turned Production Manager Oni to join the team, +FRESH.i.AM+ released its first collection of graphic t-shirts in 2009. With +FRESH.i.AM+’s inaugural collection garnering so much praise, a second expanded collection featuring a pair of pendants called LOK & KI quickly followed.

In 2010 +FRESH.i.AM+’s third official collection introduced the STATE OF MIND hats, a series of 10 designs hand crafted on snap back hats with bold statements meant to reflect the wearers state of mind. The STATE OF MIND collection quickly became a corner stone of the brand and attracted praise from industry elites as well as up-and-coming artists, opening the door for +FRESH.i.AM+'s LOVERS collaboration with Theophilus London. Since the LOVERS collaboration with Theophilus London +FRESH.i.AM+ has continued to collaborate with with artists and streetwear brands including Mishka and Black Scale.

+FRESH.i.AM+ followed the success of the STATE OF MIND collection with the release of LOVE IS DEAD, the label elevated the brand with this collection by using higher quality stock for tees as well as making bolder design choices. The LOVE IS DEAD collection also featured a limited run of LOVE (EVOL) hats which carried on the concept of the STATE OF MIND collection. +FRESH.i.AM+ has since released three additional collections, FUKK, HOLY FUKK and TRIBE for a total of 11 collections thus far since launching the initial tees in 2009.

On June 7th 2014 +FRESH.i.AM+ opened their first brick and mortar storefront in the heart of Atlanta at 346 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30312. The brand maintains a loyal following of international youth and celebrities alike. The label, which has garnered the support of Rihanna, Beyonce, Trinidad James, G Dragon, CL of 2NE1, Wiz Khalifa, 2 CHAINZ, Theophilus London, Vinny Chase, and more, has proven their ability to stay at the forefront of a new generation.

+FRESH.i.AM+ is sold worldwide at select retailers. American retailers include DOPE, WILD STYLE, East 4th Skate, Orlando Styles, Moda 404, Feature Sneaker Boutique along with select retailers in Asia such as UneekbasemntNubian,C'est Vingt-Trois, GR8, D - MOP, IMMENSE, HENZ - CO, KOON with A VIEW, LAH'LAH'LAND, Innocent Hood, Bingo Star, SICKSOUL PROJECT, and S H I N K I R O U 2.0. In Europe +FRESH.i.AM+ is available at Marche Noir, FRESH INC, and Laza Gallery.

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