@iambeyonka - Still Got Your Chain‏ + (Official Trailer)

NYC based hip-pop artist Be Yonka releases new single “Still Got Your Chain” off her upcoming EP Quaintrelle, set to release later this year.

 In this song Be Yonka opens up about a heartbreak she experienced that involved her being with someone that she really cared about but her interest was also involved with multiple other women. Be Yonka takes a break from her usual flow consisting of skillful and aggressive rapping incorporating consistent piano driven melodies accompanied by mellow beats, while using auto tune sounds to express how she coped with this heartbreak. 

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@iambeyonka - Still Got Your Chain‏ + (Official Trailer) @iambeyonka - Still Got Your Chain‏ + (Official Trailer) Reviewed by Tony G on August 15, 2014 Rating: 5

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