On Tuesday September 2nd, Play Cloths will release the 2nd delivery for the Fall 2014 season. Comprised of four unique capsules; Recess, Motocross, Wise Words and O.G. Killer Clowns, Fall 2 offers a diverse range of casual basics and athletic staples, along with signature cut and sew pieces that have come to define the brand’s elevated approach to progressive streetwear.

Fall 2 Features:
  • Recess continues tobe the capsule that stays truest to the Play Cloths brand aesthetic. Featuring a selection of popular essentials for the Fall season, the capsule includes hockey jerseys, cut & sew plaid flannel shirts and knit baseball jerseys.
  • Motocross capsule is inspired by the world of Freestyle and Off-road racing and is comprised of sportswear pieces not only crafted for sport but style as well. Motocross will be released to media as a seperate highlighted capsule.
  • Wise Words is the smallest capsule in the Fall 2 collection, and includes a 5-panel cap, knit hat, windbreaker jacket, jogger and crewneck. Available in black with stark white lettering, each piece features an all-over print of affirmations that represent the brand’s often-contrasted identity. 
  • O.G., Killer Clowns capsule features an array of pieces based on Hollywood’s obsession with evil clowns in film; It, Mr. Jingles and our personal favorite Killer Klowns From Outer Space. The menacing clown face is the haunting focal point against the all-over printed shirt, hoody and mélange sweater knit pant and full-zip jacket. 
Fall 2 Highlights:
  • Recess capsule: Kingman Jersey, Mesa and Yuma Shirts
  • Wise Words capsule: Knowledge Windbreaker and Equality Crewneck
  • O.G. aka Killer Clowns capsule: Dimitri Pants and Medrano Hoody
Check out Fall 2 by visiting the Play Cloths online store, available 9/2!
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