@RVCA_WOMENS - Babes In Montauk / #BABESinMTK

The women of RVCA: artist Kylea Borges, artist Michelle Blade, model Ashley Smith, model Mahina Alexander, photographer Ashley Barker, and artist Nina Long

 RVCA Babes in Montauk

RVCA brought the female members of the their Advocate & ANP* programs to the East Coast for a seven day stint in Montauk. See what the women of RVCA got up to in this new film documenting the trip.

The assembly of RVCA Women's Advocates who were flown in from across the globe included photographer Ashley Barker, model Mahina Alexadner, artist Michelle Blade, artist Kylea Borges, model Ashley Smith, and artist Nina Long.

The roster of fine artists (Blade, Borges, Long ), models (Smith, Alexander), and photographer (Barker) bunkered down in Montauk for a week of creativity and collaboration amongst the inspiring women who each play a role within the RVCA family.

"The sole purpose of the trip," according to RVCA founder PM Tenore, "was to bring together the talented women who are representative of the RVCA tribe at its core. The brand is built upon a foundation of inspiring creative voices and more importantly, providing a platform for those talents to engage with one another and collaborate, to inspire one another and in turn our community." 

The film captures the RVCA babes throughout their Montauk adventures and speaks to Tenore’s ideology about giving back to those who lend their talents to the brand. Aside from lounging poolside at the house, activities for the week included lessons in the art of fishing, sailing, surfing, and horseback riding. A day at a spa was followed by the one thing that felt a little like work: Advocate Barker shot her fellow Advocate's Smith & Alexander for the brands Summer 15 campaigns. 


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