@TuneCore: Hip-hop artists stay independent & find success

Hip-hop is arguably the most independent of all music genres. Emerging from neighborhoods like the South Bronx, the movement was born as a way for often isolated and disenfranchised youth to have their voices heard. From the very beginning, hip-hop was far more than just music. It was a unique culture that encompassed fashion, art, dance and politics. Hip-hop is also unique in that its growth was mostly organic. Unlike other types of music, it wasn’t immediately commercialized. Instead, it was shared among like-minded individuals and passed along via mix tape.

Even though we’ve seen more interest in hip-hop from major labels and even marketers, there remains an incredibly vibrant independent scene that digital distribution and publishing administration company TuneCore is proud to be a part of.  In fact, hip-hop is the #1 genre on the platform, and TuneCore has released an infographic showing that, without selling out, without needing a record label, without giving up copyrights and without handing over their hard-earned revenue, these independently-spirited hip-hop artists are finding success.  

@TuneCore: Hip-hop artists stay independent & find success @TuneCore: Hip-hop artists stay independent & find success Reviewed by Tony G on August 28, 2014 Rating: 5

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