@ChrisTGayle - North Star produced by @Sam_TGDJ( AllStars ) #Toronto #WeTheNorth

 Ok this one I tryed to be really punctual with what I'm tryna do with this song. I met a producer named Sam_TGDJ who liked what I was doing and hopped on board. So he sent me some produce and right away my brain started twerking. So we decided to make a project together, struggling to find topics I went off for a bit, then I heard the one of my favorite basketball players ( Kyle Lowry) signed an well earned extension to the Toronto Raptors alongside Demar Derozan getting an his first allstar nod. Being from Toronto,Canada he made me feel excited for whats to come and I just wanted to show my appreciation for em.

-Davee Jonez-

Vintage Life indeed.

@ChrisTGayle - North Star produced by @Sam_TGDJ( AllStars ) #Toronto #WeTheNorth @ChrisTGayle - North Star produced by @Sam_TGDJ( AllStars ) #Toronto #WeTheNorth Reviewed by Tony G on October 11, 2014 Rating: 5

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