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The Germinator Transit Jacket:  Because Commuters Want to Catch Trains, Not Colds.


  As flu season approaches, Betabrand and gravitytank have crowdfunded a new jacket designed to protect commuters from the slings and arrows of mass transit.  And by "slings and arrows." we mean human expectorant, filthy hands, and other germ ridden hazards of subways and buses.   

Meet the Germinator Jacket: a handsome new softshell that weathers the most vicious saliva salvos with ease!  Among other things, the Germinator sports a high zip-up collar made of silver-infused anti-microbial fabric and pullout cuffs to cover hands while they grip subway poles and other oft-touched objects.


Can it protect you from Ebola?  While we can't say for sure that it won't help, we vigorously discourage field tests.

The jacket was designed by innovation consultancy gravitytank
 and launched on Betabrand, the crowdfunded clothing company.  They're scheduled to ship in early January. 

About Betabrand

San Francisco-based Betabrand is an online-only clothier that releases new products every day.  
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