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Accepted Everywhere

Plastc helps you pay any way and anywhere you want*. With a magnetic stripe and barcode display, your Plastc Card will work in all the places you already frequent. Plus, with NFC and Chip and PIN capabilities a software update away, you’ll soon be ready for the future of payments.

More Protection, Less Worry

Plastc’s powerful technology protects your information, so you can pay with confidence. The magnetic stripe and NFC chip are disabled until you select your card, preventing any fraudulent activity. Your Plastc Card also comes with a secure card PIN, photo ID, proximity alerts, and ‘Return Me’ mode. We think about security so you don’t have to.

Secure PIN

PIN entry acts as the first line of security.

Proximity Alerts

Proximity alerts let you know when you’re away from your card.

Remote Security

Completely wipe your card data from your phone.

Plastc Wallet

With the Plastc Wallet companion app, quickly swap out cards, add new ones, and track your spending. You can even track your account balances directly from your Plastc Card.
Coming soon to iOS & Android.
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