@TuneCore Pairs Producers & Artists to Record Original Hip-Hop Tracks at A3C / #TuneCoreStudios #A3CProAudio

TuneCore Launches #TuneCoreStudio Recording Sessions at A3C Festival Featuring Top Producers & Artists Creating Original Compositions in Just Three Hours

First-time project with #A3CProAudio pairing producers and artists to be live-streamed at SAE Institute, all-new songs to be released on official A3C Compilation

Celebrating the independent spirit of hip-hop and nurturing the careers of a new generation of talented artists, TuneCore announced the launch of #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio. This unique program will bring together nine producer/artist pairings, who during their personal three-hour session, will compose and record an entirely new song. A3C attendees are invited to witness hip-hop history in the making through a live stream of the in-studio action.

Hip-hop is TuneCore’s leading genre, both by revenue and quantity of downloads and streams. This year, nearly 50 percent of the artists performing at A3C, the preeminent hip-hop festival in the U.S., have distributed music through TuneCore. Building on this close relationship with the hip-hop community, TuneCore has become the Official Music Distribution & Publishing Administration Sponsor for A3C.

Material recorded at the #TuneCoreStudio sessions will be released on an exclusive compilation album following the event, an initiative aligning with TuneCore’s pledge to help artists achieve their goals, without giving up their independence and while retaining the full rights to their music.

The #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio will be held October 9th through 11th from noon until 10PM each day at SAE, 215 Peachtree St. NE in Atlanta, GA. A3C attendees are welcome to view the sessions as they are streamed to a screen on the second floor.

The schedule of artists and producer pairings is:

12-3PM: The Fr3shmen with TuneCore Artist ChellaH
3-6PM: WLPWR with TuneCore Artist Chris Rivers
6-10PM: V12 the Hitman with TuneCore Artist Torch

12-3PM: Kato of SMKA with artist FortBowie
3-6PM: Major Seven with TuneCore Artist Dyme-A-Duzin  
6-10PM: M16 Beats with TuneCore Artist SigNif

12-3PM: TheFam with TuneCore Artist Quake Matthews
3-6PM: Black Metaphor with TuneCore Artist Masspike Miles
6-10PM: DJ Burn One with TuneCore Artist Stranger Day

“#A3CProAudio is very excited to have TuneCore partnering with us on this special program, and for their support of the hip-hop community that provides artists with the platform and tools to get their music heard worldwide,” stated J Hatch, Manager of the #A3CProAudio Studio and co-Founder of iStandard Producers. “We look forward to giving A3C attendees the ability to witness song-making as it happens, then enjoy the results on the TuneCore-distributed compilation to follow.”

“Our partnership with A3C and the direct involvement with #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio provide TuneCore a unique opportunity to showcase and celebrate hip-hop artists’ entrepreneurial spirit,” stated Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore. “We can’t wait to share with the world the brand new tracks that result from this collaboration.”

TuneCore Studio at #A3CProAudio is just one of the initiatives TuneCore will be undertaking in support of A3C and the hip-hop community before, during and after the festival. At the festival, Chris Mooney, TuneCore Senior Director of Artist Promotions, will moderate the panel, “Fueling the Independent Spirit: Blueprint for Going Global” on October 10th at 3:30PM. Additionally, Chris will be available for discussions with artists, Pro-Audio staff, SAE engineers and other attendees throughout the festival.

Following the festival, TuneCore will continue to support A3C with co-marketing and communication efforts.

About A3C
Winner of Creative Loafing's 2014 "Best of Atlanta," the A3C [All 3 Coasts] Festival is a 360-degree celebration of Hip-Hop culture. The preeminent hip-hop festival in the US, A3C has grown from a local showcase to an amazing cultural experience and is celebrating 10 years in the game. Today, A3C is one of the largest hip-hop events in the world with performances from well over 500 artists, including: legends, rising stars, trendsetters, up-and-comers and aspiring talent from across the world. The 5 day festival encompasses all aspects of hip-hop culture: music, art, film, style, education and more. During the day attendees are able to connect with - and learn from - tastemakers, icons, organizations, brands and industry leaders, while the evenings and nights are filled with special events, parties and performances from some of the biggest and best hip-hop artists in the world. For more information, visit http://a3cfestival.com/.
@TuneCore Pairs Producers & Artists to Record Original Hip-Hop Tracks at A3C / #TuneCoreStudios #A3CProAudio @TuneCore Pairs Producers & Artists to Record Original Hip-Hop Tracks at A3C / #TuneCoreStudios #A3CProAudio Reviewed by Tony G on October 04, 2014 Rating: 5

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