Be My Sweet Valentine / Pierre DeRoche

Tell her you love her in the sweetest possible way(s)

It has the delicacy of a luscious candy bar. The beauty of a colourful dessert. The flavour of a sweet treat for two. February 14th is a perfect opportunity to proclaim or reaffirm your feelings for the woman in your life by gifting her a watch reflecting her own nature. Just like her, the GrandCliff Milady Royal Retro has that “little extra something” which makes it truly unique. Starting with the playful dance of the six seconds hands that take turns in sweeping across 10-second segments – a world-exclusive feature by PierreDeRoche. This romantic, sparkling and ultra-feminine watch blossoms with a flurry of flowers and diamonds, while artfully arranged red accents accentuate its sophisticated nature.

Romantic escapade to the Vallée de Joux

Carole and Pierre Dubois, founders and owners of the Pierre DeRoche brand, are treating purchasers of a Milady Royal Retro and their partners to a weekend during the month of February 2015 in their native Vallée de Joux, the cradle of Pierre DeRoche. Loving couples will thus be able to enjoy extra-special moments amid these magnificent surroundings, while staying at a charming hotel designed to ensure a resolutely romantic experience.

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