.@Bosclique - LIKE A DRUG - // .@88flow .@B3auu .@BuddahAbusah

Artist: Bo$ Clique [ Bo$quiat Clique ]

Title: Like A Drug [Prod. B3auu]

Engineer: EJ Grant

Project: SINGLE
 Bo$ Clique drops a SINGLE entitled "Like A Drug," the Love for someone / something, can be addicting as a Drug, whether it's fiendin' to be with the Love, or simply maintaining that same love with its side effects.

1stVerse:  @88flow 
2ndVerse: @B3auu
3rdVerse: @BuddahAbusah
.@Bosclique - LIKE A DRUG - // .@88flow .@B3auu .@BuddahAbusah .@Bosclique - LIKE A DRUG - // .@88flow .@B3auu .@BuddahAbusah Reviewed by Tony G on January 28, 2015 Rating: 5

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