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It begins, like all great travel stories, in an African jail cell.

Jeff Davis, a Canadian journalist, has been arrested by secret police while covering a political protest in Nairobi, Kenya. During interrogation, he is accused of being an American spy. Without his passport to prove his identity, things were looking grim...
In a flash, Jeff remembered he was wearing a homemade moneybelt (a gift from his father) and it contained a photocopy of his passport. To the stunned amazement of the police, he pulled out this copy and was able to prove his identity. A few hours later he was freed.
Walking out of the jail, it occurred to Jeff that no savvy traveler should be without a quality moneybelt. And Kenya, with an abundant leather supply and skilled leatherworkers, was the perfect place to make them.
Today, after many iterations and improvements, StashBelt is proud to offer the finest leather moneybelts on the market. Top grain natural leather, exquisite hand craftsmanship, and the knowledge that every purchase creates sustainable jobs in Africa.




Ethical travel fashion company on Dragon's Den / .@StashBelt Ethical travel fashion company on Dragon's Den / .@StashBelt Reviewed by Tony G on January 23, 2015 Rating: 5

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