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To celebrate the resurgence of local makers and artisans, AyA Kitchens’
luxury brand AVANI proudly launched CARVE
 envisioned byone ofCanada’s top design innovators: Siamak Hariri of Hariri Pontarini
Architects (HPA). Unveiled for the first time at the 2015 Interior Design Show (January 22-25, 2015) guests experienced the one-of-a-kind
kitchen that took home gold for its winning booth design. In the ultimate combination of handmade meets high-tech, CARVE combines
sleek matte white cabinetry and smooth lines
 with deeplycarved warm wood using a unique, proprietaryprocessdeveloped by
and is complemented with bespoke hand-crafted Finishes.

• Extended 10-feet-tall “super-matte” lacquered white cabinetry, the
latest trend in cabinetry design, married with custom wooden elements
to achieve a clean, modern kitchen
• Natural and rustic beauty of three contrasting wood finishes: Hemlock,
Douglas Fir and Walnut
• Carved detailing including foot recess on salvaged wood base
• Carved and hand scorched Douglas Fir panels create the outer jacket
of the kitchen
• The Cloud - a hand carved wooden “cloud” floating art installation
hung above the kitchen
Known for their understanding of the profound effect the built form can have on people, AVANI worked with award-winning HPA to create a
kitchen that captures the essentials of light, form, space, material, and atmosphere. To execute Hariri’s forward thinking vision, AVANI
partnered with local makers Scott Eunson and Lubo Brezina to provide the intricate handmade wood elements complimenting the luxe
and refined kitchen.
 “We strongly believe that design invention and well-crafted form arise by paying attention to details, from the moment of design conception through the entire process of construction,” said David Marcus, President, AyA Kitchens. “Understanding
this vision, Hariri Pontarini Architects brought the idea of customization and uniqueness that is the AVANI brand to life.”
“Arriving at inspired transformation can only come through human collaborations and that is the essence of both the AVANI brand
and the work of HPA,” said Siamak Hariri, Founding Partner Hariri Pontarini Architects. “What starts with an individual aspiration becomes something new and innovative.”

• HPA’s initial sketch of the cloud was 3D modeled using Catia, an aerospace and aviation 3D modeling software.
• These files were exported to a CNC Router to create templates and which were used to build the cloud’s form.

• Salvaged Hemlock wood strips were layered to create varying thicknesses to achieve a more organic form reminiscent of driftwood.
Once all put together and carved, the piece was whitewashed and sanded.

• The outer walls of the display were wrapped in Douglas Fir planks which were laid up into panels, routed and burned to create a dramatic raised grain finish.

• Excess charred material was removed using an abrasive grinder and hand brushing, and the panels were then assembled into the wall covering with corners mitred and final burning retouches.
Floating from high above, The Cloud is the crown of the state-of-the-art kitchen, and is a direct response to AVANI’s challenge to HPA to create the impossible. Envisioned by Simack and crafted by maker Lubo Brezina, the cloud is an intricate floating wooden form that represents the artistic form that is CARVE. CARVE in collaboration with HPA marks the third designer partnership for AVANI and follows the successful launch of the brand’s first two kitchen systems: The ARC by Dror Benshetrit, which launched at the Interior Design Show in 2014 and BASE by Johnson Chou.

Founded by AyA Kitchens, AVANI was created to better serve the luxury kitchen market in North America. Designed in conjunction with renowned creative visionary Dror Benshetrit, founder of NY-based Dror, AVANI is a highly curated, strictly modern, custom made collection featuring clean lines, warm textures, movement and fine hidden details. Competing directly with Europe’s best brands, AVANI kitchens are designed with the highest possible
attention to quality and detail. www.avanikitchens.com @avanikitchens or visit www.ayakitchens.com @ayakitchens
Hariri Pontarini Architects is a full-service Canadian firm devoted to producing work of lasting value. Siamak Hariri and David Pontarini founded the Toronto
office in 1994 motivated by a shared commitment to design quality. Today their 70-person practice offers its clients in-depth partner involvement through
all stages of design and the breadth of building experience and technical expertise to rigorously oversee construction. HPA believes solid relationships
result in strong projects. They take pride in forging lasting collaborations with all involved in the design, development and construction process: clients,
consultants, fabricators, policymakers, construction workers, colleagues. With each commission, HPA assumes full responsibility to materialize a design
vision inspiring to its occupants, attuned to its setting and respectful of stakeholder needs, client budget and timeline. Every project in their diversely
scaled, award-winning portfolio reflects the HPA mission to craft architectural and urban solutions that exceed expectations, without excess.

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