.@GraffDiamonds Diamond MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon

Diamond MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon

Graff orchestrates a fascinating encounter between Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie with its new creation: the Diamond MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon. The result of more than 2,000 hours of development, its mechanical movement associates a flying tourbillon with a dual-time display and a large instantaneous date that jumps at exactly midnight. While the exclusive calibre reveals the beauty of its gear wheels through the sapphire crystal, the case and dial exalt the jewellery-making expertise of the House through a dazzling setting of 329 diamonds totalling 13.7 carats. Set against a backdrop of rose or white gold, the precious stones exercise their timeless powers of fascination and sparkle with radiant fire on a dial also lit up by an emerald at noon, as well as forming the emblematic Graff signature on the dial: an invisibly-set mosaic crafted using an exclusive technique resulting from a full year’s research.  

Mechanical hand-wound, exclusive Graff 5 calibre, 60-hour power reserve
Hours, minutes, flying tourbillon, large instantaneous date, dual time
18K rose or white gold, 43 mm Gold hour-markers
Entirely paved with diamonds Emerald at 12 o’clock (0.04 ct) Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock
Black crocodile leather




Graff Diamonds is synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world. Graff jewellery is exceptional; the quality, style and workmanship are the best in the world. Laurence Graff OBE, Founder and Chairman of the company, is often described as “The King of Diamonds” and has a passion for diamonds that began from an early age. His inherent feeling for diamonds goes beyond the stones themselves. He says “it has been a lifelong passion - I remember my first diamond and looking inside the stone and being fascinated. This wonder has stayed with me.” From the founding of the company in 1960 to the present day, Graff continues to operate as a family business. Mr. Graff’s son Francois Graff is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, his brother Raymond Graff manages the jewellery workshop, and nephew Elliott Graff controls the design, merchandising and production of the jewellery. With over 40 Graff stores worldwide and corporate offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Japan and Geneva, Graff is one of the world’s preeminent jewellery brands. In the past three years, stores have opened in Shanghai, San Francisco, Gstaad, Dubai, Tokyo’s prestigious Isetan shopping district, Hangzhou, Macau, Seoul, Abu Dhabi and at Delaire Graff Estate in South Africa. 2012 saw the opening of the newly renovated and extended Flagship store on London’s prestigious New Bond Street. 2014 sees new stores opening in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, furthering Graff’s global expansion.
 The South African Diamond Corporation (SAFDICO), a diamond wholesaler and manufacturer based in Johannesburg, is also part of the Graff group of companies. Today SAFDICO is one of the largest diamond producers in South Africa with one of the largest polishing and cutting factories based in Johannesburg. Diamonds are also cut and polished at workshops in New York, Antwerp and SAFDICO’s new generation diamond cutting facility in Botswana which is situated in the Diamond Technology Park - a campus instigated and developed by SAFDICO. The Park is designed to be the central hub for the burgeoning diamond cutting industry in Botswana and will ultimately employ 500 people producing diamonds using state of the art technology and skill. Thousands of carats of diamonds are cut and polished and from these diamonds and only the best are selected for Graff jewellery. Graff jewels are made by hand in the Graff London workshop; from the creation of the design to the immaculate setting, each piece requires many hours of work, some several hundred hours. The highly skilled craftsmen, many of whom are trained at Graff, have perfected the extraordinarily fine settings of exceptional quality that are synonymous with Graff, known for the most fabulous jewels in the world.

GRAFF - The Diamonds

Over the years Graff has handled the world's most fabulous and treasured gemstones. It has been said that more important gem quality diamonds have passed through Laurence Graff’s hands than any other Diamantaire. Some of the stones are centuries old and steeped in myth and history while others have just been discovered and brought to life in Graff's own workshops. Graff takes great pride in knowing that these gems of everlasting beauty will pass from generation to generation, building their own legends on the way. In 2008 Graff acquired the 15th largest diamond ever discovered – the 603ct Lesotho Promise. This rough diamond was painstakingly cut and polished by an expert team, yielding 26 magnificent flawless gems ranging from 3.14 to 76.41 carats. These diamonds were then set by Graff’s team of master craftsmen into one stunning necklace, one of the most valuable and unique in the world. The same mine, the Letseng Diamond mine in Lesotho, hailed two further record stones, the Letseng Legacy, weighing a remarkable 493cts and listed as the world’s 18th largest rough ever to be recovered, and most recently the 478ct rough Light of Letseng, both of which were acquired by Graff. The 20th largest rough diamond in the world, the Light of Letseng yielded 10 diamonds, including the Graff Constellation; the world’s largest round brilliant D Internally Flawless diamond at 102.79cts, and a 51.20ct D Flawless heartshape diamond. At the same time as the unveiling of the Graff Constellation in 2010, Graff also presented the Delaire Sunrise, the largest Fancy Vivid Yellow square emerald cut diamond in the world, at 118.08cts. Yielded from an exceptionally rare octahedral shaped rough, the Delaire Sunrise is named after the Delaire Graff Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Perhaps one of the rarest and most historic diamonds of all time, the Wittelsbach-Graff was repolished by Graff, transforming it into the largest Fancy Natural Deep Blue Internally Flawless diamond in the world, at a magnificent 31.06cts. In 2011 Laurence Graff unveiled the Graff Pink, a stunning 23.88ct Natural Fancy Vivid Pink Internally Flawless type IIa diamond. The diamond had originally displayed 25 inclusions, which with incredible care and particular attention to the diamond’s weight and cut, were removed through polishing, yielding a diamond of higher colour and clarity and sacrificing less than 1ct in weight. Says Laurence Graff, “the Graff Pink is without a doubt the finest pink diamond I have ever seen.” In 2012 the Graff Sweethearts were unveiled, two perfectly matching D Flawless heart shape diamonds exceeding 50cts each, cut from two rough diamonds. The latest diamond to join Graff’s extraordinary list of impressive jewels is the 550ct Letseng Star, sourced from the famous Letseng Mine where many of Graff’s notable diamonds have been discovered. Stunning in colour, cut and clarity, these breathtaking stones will forever remain as important stones in Graff’s illustrious history. As a mark of authenticity, Graff diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle with the Graff logo and unique GIA (Gemological Institute of America) identification number. The inscription is visible only under 10-power magnification and is not detrimental to the clarity grade of the diamond.
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