Reality Program, .@thefashionhero By Canadian Beauty World Search Now In Us Syndication

Reality Progam changing the face of beauty worldwide.

Empowers real people to create a new standard of beauty and represent a true reflection of the world we live in.

A social media movement for television with a positive message and a multi-platform experience that will engage + inspire viewers
  The Fashion Hero’s special, entitled ‘On The Road to the Fashion Hero,’ debuts today. The program is in US syndication from 21st March until the 7th of September 2015
 [See Air Dates]
 Cities Television Networks Air Dates (mm/dd/yyyy) Stations
Honolulu CBS 3/21/2015 8pm KGMB
Sioux Falls FOX 3/21/2015 12am KTTW
Bend ABC 3/21/2015 12pm KOHD
Bend CBS 3/21/2015 12pm KBNZ
Lincoln/Hastings/Kearney ABC 3/22/2015 1pm KLKN
Macon IND 3/22/2015 1pm WPGA
Shreveport IND 3/24/2015 8pm XCVS
Wilmington ABC 3/28/2015 2pm WWAY
Indianapolis MY NET 3/29/2015 1pm WNDY
Springfield MO ABC 4/11/2015 11am KSPR
Fresno IND 4/11/2015 12pm KVBC/KVHF
Fargo IND 4/11/2015 2pm KCPM
Victoria IND 4/11/2015 2pm KXTS
Odessa FOX 4/11/2015 3pm KPEJ
Joplin IND 4/11/2015 6pm KGCS
Sioux City NBC 4/12/2015 12pm KTIV
Savannah ABC 4/19/2015 1:30pm WJCL
Portland OR IND 4/25/2015 7pm KWVT
Evansville IND 4/25/2015 7pm WJTS
Hartford/New Haven ABC 4/4/2015 1pm WTNH
Rapid City FOX 4/5/2015 1pm KEVN
Greenville/New Bern FOX 4/5/2015 4pm WFXI/WYDO

Created and produced by Caroline Bernier of Canadian Beauty World Search, this inspirational and groundbreaking competition format is an international promotional casting event as well as a television show and series. Redefining beauty for a new generation the format brings together real brands and real media to transform the way beauty is seen in advertising and media on a global level.

The Fashion Hero is more than just a television show. The Fashion Hero is inspiring a new set of standards in the modeling world, as well as promoting and embodying a multitude of positive beauty and body messages for not only girls and boys, but also for women and men globally.

“Its time to change, the world needs a fresh perspective”, explains Caroline Bernier CEO of Beauty World Search. “I witnessed many injustices and unrealistic expectations in beauty and fashion. I always wondered how nice it would be to see real people, real beauty, represented in those advertising campaigns, instead of airbrushed, photo shopped, unattainable ideals of beauty. I want to give this planet a big self-esteem hug and create something that will give back to our society. This is the reason why I created The Fashion Hero!”
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