.@KendallJenner in DYLANLEX at Coachella Weekend Two

Kendall Jenner in DYLANLEX "Falkor IV" and "Crosby" Necklaces and layered bracelets - Coachella Weekend 2, Day 2

 Jenner layers the Falkor IV and Crosby necklaces from DYLANLEX to create a serious statement moment. The two necklaces are paired with the LIAM, FYNN, NINA, and ROCKY bracelets, also by DYLANLEX. 

 Photo via Kylie Jenner's Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/1onGemnGiK/?taken-by=kyliejenner

Kendall Jenner in DYLANLEX "Crosby" Necklace - Coachella Weekend 2, Day 1 

Kendall Jenner in DYLANLEX "Hendrix" Necklace and matching bracelets - Coachella Weekend 1, Day 1

 Photo source: Kendall Jenner’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/1T8csEjo9t/?taken-by=kendalljenner

 Kendall Jenner in DYLANLEX Jewelry - Coachella Weekend 2

 Kendall Jenner in DYLANLEX Jewelry - Coachella Weekend 2

 Kendall Jenner in DYLANLEX Jewelry - Coachella Weekend 1


DYLANLEX began as Drew Ginsburg, a young jewelry designer, took to documenting her unique jewelry creations in the form of an Instagram photo journal. Her designs and "selfies" ultimately garnered the attention of a cult following and evolved into a social media movement. As a result the young designer was able to cultivate a consumer fan base via her social media platforms. Today DYLANLEX exists as a full a line of original hand crafted statement pieces that has grown to include necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You can "Shop The Instagram" here: http://dylanlex.com/pages/shop-the-instagram

Each DYLANLEX piece is hand crafted in New York City, using the expertise and craftsmanship of artisans gathered from across the globe, to create pieces that blend modern edge with the elegance of traditional techniques. Swarovski Crystal, antiqued metals, and internationally curated elements combine to create statement jewelry that would normally only be possible by combining several distinct pieces. In a world where everyones fashion has something to say, statements must be louder. DYLANLEX.

Full collection, shapable now, is available to view at http://dylanlex.com.
Follow Drew Ginsburg of DYLANLEX at https://instagram.com/dylanlex/
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